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How to Create a Country Garden

Country style gardens fit in perfectly with our New Jersey surroundings. Our climate is ideal for growing so many different annuals and perennials; sometimes it’s difficult to choose a garden style. The classic country garden, with its classic, timeless and breathtaking beauty, is always a good choice. The classic country garden originated in the English countryside. Since the 1800’s, gardening has been a pastime that once sustained us and now brings bountiful benefits to us in more modern times. Cultivating a country garden brings us closer to the earth, is a way to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature and, for some, it’s a solid exercise routine.

Interested in some ways to start and maintain a country style garden? There are three basic elements to a country garden. Let’s break them down:

  1. A fence or stone wall. There are many practical uses to fences and walls around a garden. First and foremost, they’re needed to keep animals away from feeding on plants. Whether your outdoor area includes livestock, a pet or even just some deer, fences and walls are more than just useful. They provide a lovely backdrop for displaying plants and flowers.

  2. Flowering plants. The rambling, rustic look of an English country garden is supposed to be lush and full. Vines, flowering bushes and of course flowers are all necessary to add to the layers of color and texture of the garden. Some low-maintenance but beautiful flowering plants that are commonly found in a garden are: Lavender, Echinacea. Lilly of the Valley, Asters and Daisies.

  3. Planting close to structures. To create the cozy cottage look, planting flowers, vines and flowering shrubs very close to existing structure give a secret, hidden garden look. Try Clematis, Honeysuckle or Wisteria for the ‘cultivated overgrown’ look.

Let the experts at Joe Antine Landscape Design help you plan, plant and care for your country garden. We’re here to help in every aspect of making your outdoor home space as desirable as possible!

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