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Drainage Dilemmas: 4 Ways to Tell if a Problem is Lurking

Let’s talk drainage. Admittedly, it’s not one of the most alluring topics in landscaping, but it can be one of the most important. Drainage issues in your yard can be a very big deal. Not only can wet spots in your yard be a nuisance, but if the soggy area is next to your home, it can cause basement leaks and foundation issues. Those are things no one wants to deal with. To make certain excess water doesn’t reach your home’s foundation, exterior drainage systems and positive grading can help control the issue.

Let’s look at 4 ways you can tell if your yard has a drainage problem:

  1. Wet stains in the basement.This is a telltale sign. If you notice wet spots in your basement, it could mean water is leaking through the foundation.

  2. Cracks in the foundation. Foundations in home naturally deteriorate over time; that’s normal. What’s not normal is large cracks that get noticeably bigger over just a few years. This can be a sign of water damage under your home and should be checked out by an expert.

  3. Standing water in the yard. After a rain or even just when watering your lawn, if there are areas that do not dry and leave standing water for more than 24 hours, that’s the sign of a problem. It’s also worth noting that standing water is the perfect breeding area for mosquitoes. If you want to cut down on the blood suckers in the summer, a well-drained yard will definitely help.

  4. Mildew Odors. If your basement smells like mildew ( a musty, sour smell that just doesn’t go away), water is most likely present, if not visible.

Remember that water, flooding and drainage problems usually worsen over time; they don’t improve. Contact Joe Antine Landscape Design to have one of our experts come and determine if there’s a drainage problem on your property. We are very familiar with the topography and soil of Northern New Jersey and are experts in engineering and designing drainage systems. We’ll help you determine the size, type and location of the drainage system to ensure it helps solve your drainage woes.

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