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Natural Beauty

The recent cold and snowy winter days are elevating our area’s natural beauty. Wouldn’t you agree? Like lush white snow on tall, green pine trees or just enough to cover the ground but let the beauty of the winter vegetation peek through. It’s a magical time of year!

A leisurely drive around our area shows how popular hardscape and landscape options have become for northern New Jersey homeowners. Hardscaping in particular – such as stone retaining walls, walkways, stone patios, wooden arbors and gazebos, make the beauty of the landscape even more charming in any season, winter notwithstanding!

Have you been considering adding some hardscape elements to your home? The expert design team at Joe Antine Landscape Design specializes in all types of hardscape projects. As design contractors, we’ve helped shaped the landscape of our area for many years. Working with our clients and collaborating on ideas that make their outdoor dreams come true, we’ve transformed some spectacular spaces over the years. Here are a few we’re thinking about this winter season:

Masonry steps and landings. Elevation is not only very aesthetically pleasing, it’s important for soil drainage and provides benefits to all kinds of plants and flowers. We love the look of an elevated walkway with low, colorful plants and flowers leading to a front door. It makes any home more inviting!

Outside fireplaces. This outdoor feature gets used so often, many of our clients say they don’t know how they ever lived without it. An ideal gathering space in any season, and outdoor, in ground fire pit creates a mood and that entices families of all sizes to sit, gather and gaze at a beautiful glowing fire. So many low-maintenance options are available; there’s lots to choose from.

Ponds. Whether just a few feet wide or much bigger, water features add natural beauty to any space and an incentive to relax and really tune in with nature. Whether your ideas include just a little water trickling or a larger waterfall, we can design a feature that looks as if your property was built around it!

Inspired by some of our ideas? We would love to hear from you! Call today to discuss your hardscape and landscape ideas. There’s no time like the present!

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