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2017 Lawn and Garden Trends: Start Planning Now

The new year brings new possibilities. We all start the new year with tabula rasa – Latin for ‘blank slate.’ A clean surface, a new start and no preconceived notions of how things should turn out. Now is the time to begin thinking about Spring and how your outdoor spaces might reflect the new resolutions you’ve put forth. Starting over, living clean and healthy and enjoying nature and the beauty around us every day sounds like a good plan!

Trends for landscaping and gardening in 2017 will have an emphasis on color, easy care and fun. Why shouldn’t our outdoor spaces bring us maximum joy during the few short months we get to enjoy them? Here’s a look at some trends to inspire how you plan your lawn and garden for the seasons to come:

Grass turf blends. Lush, green lawns are always a goal. Yet more and more people are turning to grass turf blends to achieve their goal of a beautiful, well maintained lawn without the hassle. Concerns about the environment, the need for constant watering, the impact of fertilizing and other types of maintenance are making grass mixes, like Habiturf, more attractive. These are grass blends: a mix of Buffalo grass, blue grama, curly mesquite and prairie grasses. This type of grass has an ability to withstand drought and needs minimal mowing. Also, turf doesn’t have to cover the whole yard. It can be used in areas where kids and pets play to reduce the amount of maintenance and watering over the entire area.

Color blocking. This trend takes its cue straight from women’s fashion. Monochromatic dressing – one color – has been a trend for years in clothing. Pops of color are added for a dramatic flair. The same principle applies to gardening. In this trend, monochromatic grasses and ground cover are used with one bright, colorful flower or blooming plant to draw attention and create interest. You can even try this trend with outdoor furniture and other items, like bird feeders, fountains or urns and planters.

Active play spaces. Outdoor spaces aren’t just for looking anymore. Today’s active lifestyles are demanding more space for play, especially for children. Areas for creating and imagining are replacing traditional structures like swings and slides. Structures like oversized sand boxes and open areas to dig and explore are accented by plants, rocks and landscape ties to create these spaces. It doesn’t take a large yard to design an area for play, just a little creativity and imagination!

Have some ideas for 2017 outdoor design? Let the experts at Joe Antine Landscape Design help you turn them into reality. Call us today for a consultation with one of our design experts. We look forward to working with you!

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