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Are You Ignoring Your Front Lawn?

The landscaping in the front and back of your home is usually quite different. The backyard is where we (hopefully) enjoy a little privacy while relaxing and enjoying the sights, sounds and smells of the great outdoors. Spending most of your time and energy on the back yard makes sense, since it’s where you spend most of your time.

The front yard can be a different story, however. Many of us never even use the front door to enter or exit the home and don’t give the front yard more than a passing glance as we pull in the driveway, yet the front year is just as important as the back.

Think of the front yard as the picture frame around your home. A manicured lawn, pruned trees and bushes, flower beds with color and a well-designed walkway is a testament to how your care for your home. Whether you’re in the market to sell or not, a beautiful front yard adds curb appeal and will certainly always be appreciated by anyone passing by.

Here are some tips for making sure you front is looking just as good as the back:

  1. Get into garden mode. Add color wherever you can. Low maintenance plants that add color can be added as accents around trees and along walkways. Think less about functionality and more about dimension and height. A beautiful garden needs plants of different shapes, sizes and colors to be visually appealing.

  2. Consider containers. Container gardening is an ideal way to add height. All the major home stores sell beautiful, large containers that can be used outside year round. It’s easy to change your containers for the season – bright flowers in summer, evergreen for the holidays and mums in the fall.

  3. Stones and rocks: they’re not just for driveways and walkways. Of course an appealing stone driveway makes a statement, but large rocks and even stone flower beds can add appeal, too. Use rocks as accents in areas with low shrubs and flowers or as a lining to a brick or slate walkway. Stones and rocks make great natural borders.

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