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Getting More Out of Your Garden: Be Creative with Planters!

Once you’ve dug out of all the snow we’ve gotten recently, it’s time to dig in to some creative gardening ideas. This Spring, challenge yourself to go beyond the usual plants in the typical terra cotta planters. Gardens are like anything else: the more visual interest you can bring to this space the better. Colors, textures, patterns, dimension and size can all help transform a very basic space into something truly special.

Whether you have a small patio space without a lot of lawn, or a sprawling backyard lawn with tons of grass, you can incorporate planters into your landscape design. Remember, planters are only just the beginning, you can get creative with where and how you place them, from hanging them on tress to even the side of the house. Just make certain wherever you’re using your planter, you’re thinking about the plants in the them and the amount of sun and soil they’ll need to thrive.

Cinderblocks – give your garden a totally modern look with cinderblock planters. Start by building up a space with the blocks and then use the holes to plant smaller, colorful plants and flowers.

Chandelier planters – if you look cute and whimsy, chandelier planters are for you. Turn an old, charming chandelier with ‘cup’ style holders to hold hanging plants like ivy from a tree, fence or roof top.

Shutters – why stop at windows when it comes to shutters? They can be used for a functional and beautiful wall display for small plants and herbs. Try using some recycled shutters – the more weathered and beaten, the better. You’ll need to stick small layers of peat moss or soil behind each rung on the shutter to secure small plants.

For help with any of these ideas, and more gardening advice, call the experts at Joe Antine Landscape Design today. Joe and his team can help you with any gardening project, big or small, to help you create the ideal outdoor space of your dreams. What are you waiting for? Spring is right around the corner.

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