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Keeping Cozy by the Outdoor Fire

There’s no reason to stay inside all winter. An outdoor fire pit or fireplace is the perfect way to extend living space in your home and enjoy a cozy fire in the cooler months. Who needs to wait for a campout to enjoy a great, cozy fire outdoors? What should you look for when considering an outdoor fire pit or fireplace? There are many choices. The landscape design experts at Joe Antine Landscape Design can help you and your family decide what the best option is for enjoying a fire outdoors. Here are a few ideas: Wood fire pit. Wood fire pits are the easiest, and arguably the least expensive type of outdoor fire pit. While small fire pits are available at most home improvement stores, custom pits add more aesthetic value. A pit surrounded by stone or brick can enhance any outdoor seating area and can be started using wood or charcoal. They can even be used for cooking. Gas fire pit. Gas fire pits won’t give you that wood-burning smell, but are super convenient. With just the flip of a switch, a gas fire pit can be lit in seconds and enjoyed for hours, without having the replenish the wood. There are more option available with gas fire pits, the most popular being fire tables, where a small square or circle in the middle can hold the fire. Many families feel these types are safer with young children. Electric outdoor fireplace. An outdoor fireplace – built directly into an exterior wall or patio area – is a wonderful showpiece. Outdoor fireplaces can be either wood, gas or electric. Depending on the size and location of the fireplace, there are many options for custom designs. Outdoor fireplaces, since they’re built slightly higher off the ground, can truly enhance any outdoor living area. Call Joe Antine Landscape Design today for a free consultation at (201) 941-2548.

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