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Why Add a Water Feature to Your Yardscape?

Water is important to many aspects of our lives. We all know drinking water does our body an enormous amount of good; our bodies need water to keep our vital organs working properly. The same can be said for our yards!

What we’re talking about here goes beyond just watering the lawn of keeping the flower beds moist. We’re talking about water features: fountains, birdbaths, waterfalls, etc. All of these can not only add beauty to the yard, but are functional, too. Beyond that, outdoor water features can add value to the home. Lets’ take a look at two:

Birdbaths. You know the saying ‘birds of a feather flock together?’ All types of birds will flock to a birdbath, even more so than a bird feeder. Aside from seeing adorable birds flapping in the water, birds are very functional for the yard. They help keep soil aerated and also help keep certain types of insects away. When looking for a birdbath, look for a shallow bowl (no more than 3 inches deep and shallower at the edges so the birds can ease their way in) and with a textured bottom (birds don’t like to slip and lose their footing). Finally, don’t forget to place your birdbath near a window so you can watch all the beauty of bird life unfold before your eyes!

Waterfalls. Did you know spending time near running water helps soothe the mind? It’s true. Studies have shown that sitting near a waterfall or other running water can actually lower your blood pressure and make you feel calmer. Adding a relaxing waterfall to the yard does more than help the mind and circulation. It actually helps your lungs, too! Running water creates humidity which helps you breathe better. Waterfalls can be placed in any area of the yard: front, back, in full sun or shade. Adding decorative stone work or plants around the waterfall will add even more to its appeal. Another benefit? If you live near a busy street a waterfall significantly decreases noise pollution.

Talk to the experts at Joe Antine Landscape Design about your next outdoor water project. We look forward to working with you!

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