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Curb Appeal and Home Sales: Make Landscaping a Top Priority

Thinking about selling your home? Renovating on the inside in preparation for putting your home on the market? Want to increase your home’s value?

Two words: curb appeal. Did you know curb appeal is important to 71% of home buyers, according to a National Association of Realtors survey? If people don’t like the look of a home from the outside, they won’t even bother to go inside. In addition, homes with higher curb appeal take less time to sell. It’s estimated that landscaping can provide a 200% return on investment. That’s money well spent.

What can you do to ‘spruce up’ a yard? Here are three relatively simple and inexpensive tips. Need help? Let the experts at Joe Antine Landscape Design help you:

1. Green the grass. Give grass nourishment and it will grow greener. Fertilize and water the lawn regularly. Cover bare spots with seed and sod and mow the grass consistently (typically once a week is best) for a lush, green, inviting lawn. Use a trimmer to create clean, sharp lines around flower beds and hardscaping.

2. Groom growth. When a yard and landscape beds are overgrown, things look messy. Cut back overgrown vines and shrubs and prune flowering trees and bushes. Bare spots? Add a splash of color by adding mature bushes and flowering plants. If you’re not a gardener, make sure to choose low maintenance varieties to keep the yard looking good even when you can’t tend to it.

3. Trim trees. Lots of homeowners pay little attention to trees. Truth is, trees need grooming just like all plants. For this project, it’s best to leave the heavy work to professionals. Hire a top-notch landscape company to trim dead limbs and low-hanging branches. Strong, sturdy trees are a great asset to the look and feel of a home.

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