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Landscaping with Dimension

Let’s face it: sometimes flat can be boring. When a landscape has dimension – hills, steps, grades of stone or plantings – that’s when a yard really takes shape. Our eyes are naturally drawn to points on the horizon and when designing a backyard living space or garden, different levels and dimensions can really make the difference between pretty and ‘Wow!’ Remember, very few areas in nature are truly flat. Nature’s tendency is to grow and elevate, so should be your property!

How can you get started with adding levels to your yard? The experts at Antine Landscape Design can help. Here’s some ideas, from simple to more complicated, that can inspire you to take your property to new heights:

Potted plants: Even if your space is small, you can add dimension with potted plants and containers. Pick pots with different shapes and elevate them with creative accents, like benches, tree stumps and even hang some.

Steps: Adding wooden steps or pavers connecting levels in a garden can take a level space and transform it into something magical. Steps add charm in small spaces, creating alcoves and nuances in the landscape. Try weathered bricks for a cottage feel or wood and even metal for a modern twist.

Rock on: Boulders and large rocks can be used to create special spaces. When larger rocks are strategically placed (let the experts help with this), a larger space can be broken up into smaller areas for different activities; outdoor kitchen areas, corners for kids to play and firepits for the whole family to gather.

Waterfalls: Water scaping can be one of the most dramatic and peaceful ways to transform a space. Cascading water from one level to the next (regarding of height) can create serene spaces that will draw people in no matter what time of day or night.

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