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Fall is a Season for Planning

In life, most people equate spring as a time of new life and renewal. In landscaping, this couldn’t be more accurate. So where does that leave fall?

Fall is a season for planning. Now is the time to get ready for the new growth, color and abundance of spring. As summer ends and with a dormant season on the horizon, planting spring bulbs, changing the landscape or reinventing your outdoor space begins. So as we get ready for turning the clocks back and the first frost, here’s what you can do to prepare for seasons ahead:

Plan the outdoor patio of your dreams. Why wait until next spring to start the outdoor living area you dreamt about all summer? A new Belgium block driveway, patio, walkway or pool area will increase the value of your home and bring enjoyment for years to come. Fall is the perfect time to plan and start work on outdoor projects so they’re ready for action in the spring! Remember to check out vantage points, consider the views and design a space that allows for maximizing space.

Plant the spring garden. You know how it is, by the end of winter you’re desperate for color and just can’t wait for the early spring blooms. For the best spring blooms, take time to prepare the soil. Spring-blooming bulbs are picky when it comes to drainage. Raised beds are a great idea, but, no matter what, make sure bulbs are planted at least four feet away from the house, for the best drained soil conditions. Remember, you can plant spring bulbs anytime up until the first frost, but plant them soon after buying them so they don’t dry out.

Let the Antine Design experts help you get your yard outdoor ready!


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